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by Graeme Guthrie
Real Options in Theory and Practice by Graeme Guthrie was published by
Oxford University Press in June 2009. The book, part of the Financial
Management Association Survey and Synthesis Series, aims to be a valuable
asset to practitioners who want to develop their analytical techniques and
also graduate students who will eventually become practitioners. It presents
the building blocks needed to carry out successful real options analysis and
shows how these can be assembled in a way that is appropriate to a wide
variety of problems in business and economics.

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About the book

  • A description of the book's purpose, its underlying philosophy, and its
    target audience.
  • A full table of contents.
  • A link to sample chapters and the index.

About the author

  • A brief biography of the author and details of his published research.
  • Links to his recent working papers on real options and other topics.

For instructors

  • Sample course outlines showing some ways in which Real Options in
    Theory and Practice can be used in the classroom.
  • Links to slides written to accompany the book.

For practitioners

  • Some sample code showing how the models in Real Options in Theory
    and Practice can be implemented in Mathematica. Translation into other
    languages is straightforward.
  • Links to recent practitioner-focused research by the author.
Graeme Guthrie is a professor in the
School of Economics and Finance at
Victoria University of Wellington, New
Zealand. He has a PhD in mathematics
and has taught economics and finance
since 1995. [
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